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50 Shades Of Me
At the end of the road that I believed to be stained with passion, I saw hell
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What is the Heart-Throbbing Hall of Fame? This is my very own list of my favorite people in the world. This list includes people with a variety of occupations and specialties, but what they all share in common is the fact that they caught my attention. The reason why there is a "Heart-Throbbing" in the title is because most people in this list are eye-candies and have made me fall head-over-heels in love with them.

Current Heart-Throb

❤) 伊東歌詞太郎



(❤) ぐるたみん

Male Models

(❤) Sean O' Pry

Female Models

(❤) Giselle Bundchen

BL Voice Actors

(❤) Kamiya Hiroshi
(❤) Toriumi Kousuke
(❤) Suzuki Tatsuhisa
(❤) Yusa Kouji
(❤) Hatano Wataru
(❤) Yoshino Hiroyuki
(❤) Morikawa Toshiyuki
(❤) Hirakawa Daisuke
(❤) Yasumoto Hiroki
(❤) Maeno Tomoaki
(❤) Nojima Ken

Japanese Voice Actors

(❤) Tomokazu Sugita
(❤) Nakai Kazuya
(❤) Fukuyama Jun
(❤) Ono Daisuke

Male Actors

(❤) Jim Carrey
(❤) Tom Cruise
(❤) Ryan Reynolds
(❤) Christian Bale
(❤) Jim Caviezel
(❤) Adam Sandler
(❤) Bradley Cooper
(❤) Robert Downey Jr.
(❤) Nicholas Cage
(❤) Johnny Depp
(❤) Shia Labeouf
(❤) Gerrard Butler

Female Actors

(❤) Katherine Heigl
(❤) Jennifer Aniston
(❤) Sandra Bullock
(❤) Angelina Jolie


(❤) Akira "Reita" Suzuki
(❤) Wang Lee Hom

Sports men

(❤) Ignacio "Nacho" Figueres
(❤) Steven Gerrard


(❤) Butsudankamen
(❤) Tadanon
(❤) Melochin
(❤) RY


(❤) Asami Ryuuichi
(❤) Naruse Fuuta
(❤) Sumizome Kaede
(❤) Motoki Fumihiro
(❤) Katou Youji
(❤) Yoshinaga (Full name unknown, from Ubawareru Koto Marugoto Zenbu)

Last Updated As Of: 24/11/13
This post is going to be tricky because I haven't written in a while and I'm writing this on my phone. It's not like any of my usual FANGIRL posts but I just want to write a little about my current long distance relationship.

Everyone around me knows that I love everything about Japan including Japanese guys... It's so bad that I don't even get interested in guys from any other countries anymore (including sg). So I've been making some Japanese friends online and talking to them on LINE. It's been a great experience so far because I've made some really great friends and even met two of them on my recent Japan trip!

One of the friends whom I met in Osaka wasn't a close friend originally but we went to Universal Studios Japan together. That was the highlight of my trip to Japan. From now on I guess I'll call him G. I didn't have any particular first impression of him to talk about, but he was rather stylish in a black coat with a red scarf (: he took me to a place where we could see all the waiting times of the rides. I told him I couldn't do roller coasters because I'd puke, which began the great tug of war between him who insisted on riding one because I was scared and me who refused to go on the scariest ride I've ever seen and sworn not to ride so as not to leave a horrible first impression. In the end, we settled for janken. I lost, 2 out of 3 times... I'm so bad at janken when it matters 😭 even after I lost I was bent on not going but he held me firmly and pushed me until I got into the queue with no way out 😭 to that, me and my friends had to applaud him because there was no other way I would have agreed to ride a roller coaster...

The roller coaster ride was actually not that bad because I closed my eyes, and the best thing was that you could choose a music to listen to?!?! That was the best thing ever because riding a roller coaster to Live For the Night would make anyone YOLO. Afterwards we could only make it to the Jurassic park ride due to time constraint (I was on tour) but this time, he offered to take the edge seat so I wouldn't get wet ><

After that trip I couldn't get over him. I wouldn't exactly admit that I liked him because he wasn't my type at all- he didn't have a particularly nice voice, his height wasn't particularly tall, he was normal looking too, but his personality just really got to me. I would say he's the fun loving kind who cherishes his freedom. He's also the mischievous kind of boyfriend who is at times sadistic but mostly kind to his girl... I couldn't help falling in love >< he was my dream guy.

After we got back we continued talking for awhile more, and he confessed when we were on the phone a few days ago /// After we hung up I typed a really long message confessing my feelings as well and we decided to go out afterwards.

And there we have it, the start of my long distance relationship with a Japanese guy whom I now really like and cherish. ❤️ he's coming to sg in April so I guess I'll update again after that? ^^ can't wait till he comes, there's so much I want to do and so much to say 😭 for now I guess I'll just have to work hard and earn $$$
It's been a while! Actually, it's been forever. A levels are finally over and I no longer have a reason to not write anymore ^^ To be honest now that exams have been over for slightly more than a week I don't feel strongly about it. It's true that I've been working my ass off for 6 years to take this exam and November was all blood and tears but now that it's all over I'm just glad that this bane of my life is past tense and I'm a free bird now!!!

That being said, I feel like I've been busier than ever with literally no time for myself... After A's ended I had to take an injection for flu vaccination for my trip to Japan this month (Yes, I'm going to Japan again!!!) and ended up with a bruise on my arm. Then I had dinner with a friend at night and had to leave for Malaysia immediately the next morning to renew my Malaysian IC and passport... After returning to Singapore on a Friday, I went to shop for my prom dress with a friend the next day, had a day to stay home and rest on Sunday, went out again with a friend on Monday, went out for dental and to collect some stuff I bought on Tuesday and then went to a friend's house on Wednesday.... Thursday was prom and Friday (yesterday) was day 1 of AFA! Today is my rest day so while I was rotting on my couch I had the inspiration to write about what happened these few days, especially about my trip to a Japanese hair salon and AFA day 1 ^^

Before prom me and a friend decided to go to a salon to get our hair and make up done. All the hairstylists were Japanese so needless to say, I was nervous and excited at the same time. ^^ I mean, talking with a japanese friend and having a cute Japanese hair stylist do your hair are completely different things. So the moment we got there we had to wait for 5pm to come because no hair stylists were available and I changed into my black prom dress. After a hair stylist was done he came over and told us that he'd do our hair and asked if we had any suggestions. Okay from this point on I'm going to fangirl >< He was super cute and charming omg like when he was walking towards us he was waving and giving the brightest smile ever and saying Hello at the same time T^T Then he squatted in front of us (we were sitting on a sofa) and talked to us like, bro, I can't stand being so close to a Japanese guy all of a sudden *heart twitches* Then here comes the important part!!! The moment he squatted he looked at me and told me in a charming but sincere manner that I had a "nice dress". OMG I (my dress) just got complimented by a Japanese guy who was speaking cute english this is serious we're going steady. Needless to say I started feeling all good about myself and started reading magazines while waiting for my friend to get her hairstyle done by the hairstylist. When she was done it was finally my turn and I was like nervous and all but the hairstylist was really nice. My dress showed a little of my back so my tattoo was kind of visible. I can't recall if I'd talked about it here but basically, it's a dandelion (on the right side of my back near my right armpit) in the wind, and as the petals drift off (towards the center of my back) they become birds. It doesn't have a special meaning to be honest, I just really like it. So anyway, he touched my tattoo and seemed rather interested in it. Never in my dreams would I have expected to hook up Jap guys with my tattoo... /// So I started talking to him in Japanese and he was really nice and all, complimenting that my Japanese was great even though it was shit xD So we had a few more interactions with each other while he was doing my hair and he told me that he had a tattoo on his back too, even though it was just birds and no flower. :3 At the end of it all he kneeled down and showed me his back, LIKE PULLED DOWN HIS SHIRT AND LET ME PEEK INTO IT I'M SO BLESSED AND EMBARRASSED AT THE SAME TIME AHHNNN then I was like it looks really cool!!! And then afterwards he used his phone to take a picture of my hair, the back of my hair and the side and the front?! I was like shocked and held up my hand because I wanted to mentally and physically prepare myself but then he thought I didn't want my front profile to be taken and stopped. So I was like.... I can't miss this chance... and then told him in Japanese that it was fine and that I was just a little shocked, then he was like really? :> So he took a picture and showed it to me I hate my braces to be honest but I was okay with the picture he took ^^ I WISHED I TOOK A PICTURE WITH HIM BECAUSE AFTERWARDS WE HAD NO MORE INTERACTION now I just wished I asked him more questions like whether he played the guitar (I think he plays the drums actually) BUT IT COULD HAVE BEEN SOMETHING. But anyway it was a rather great experience and I must say, I was completely charmed by him ///// After returning home I kinda stalked him on the Cleo website and found out his name HAHA i'm so disgusting omg but it says in his description something along the lines of fun, outgoing and charming. I feel like I just had a host experience except I wasn't cheated of my money for alcohol. :>

So about prom, I unexpectedly won an LG photo printer?! It's actually really cool! I can now print photos directly from my phone and I've always wanted something like that ^^ The very first photo that I printed is of course... Kashi's! His amazing side view hehehe but the picture turned out a little yellow actually but otherwise I'm loving the colour experience ^_^

So on to AFA day 1! Surprises one after another omg. I woke up at 10am the day after prom and was kind of debating whether I should go... I feel ashamed of myself for even hesitating about going because it was my only chance to see Kashi and Amatsuki who was here for the first time!!! I was supposed to meet my friend first but my other friend told me that Itowokashi had a performance at 12.30pm so I showered without even washing my hair (I washed it the previous night before I slept but I still regret) and immediately rushed to suntec to buy the exhibition and stage tickets. Upon reaching I immediately felt a pleasant wave of familiarity (?) because of all the otakus and cosplayers xD I've always admired their courage and confidence to cosplay to be honest ^^ so after purchasing the tickets my friend just woke up so I decided to go see Kashi first (my heart was racing like, I couldn't believe I was going to see him for the first time uhuhu T^T) then before entering the exhibition hall, I saw a guy standing outside holding a sign that said "Do you speak Japanese?" I walked passed him at first but then stopped and retreated and told him I speak a little Japanese /// So the result was me bringing him and a camera man around because he was doing some program that involved travelling around the world and stuff. I wasn't exactly interested actually but since he was Japanese... I'm not going to pass up on that chance. So the poor guy and his camera man sat through Itowokashi's live with me and then afterwards, interviewed me for awhile and asked me to PR for AFA T^T Like, this is only my second time at AFA I'm so embarrassed. Enough about the guy, more importantly, Itowokashi's live! I was seated quite a distance back but I could see Kashi very clearly on the big screen. I actually thought I would be more overwhelmed by emotion but somehow, all I felt was excitement. He sang about a total of 4/5 songs? And I'm ashamed to say I only knew one of them TT BUT HE SANG HOSHIAI OMG I WAS LIKE I KNOW THAT PRELUDE THEN I COULDN'T HELP BUT CHEER AND THE JAP GUY LAUGHED AT ME BUT I WAS LIKE TEXTING MY FRIEND BECAUSE THAT IS OUR MUTUAL GOD SONG AND I STARTED RECORDING IT ON MY IPHONE TOO. Then after Kashi's live was over I parted with my new Japanese friend as well xD

I met with my friend and then literally dragged her to where nico nico kunikaigi was. At that time I think Kozue was performing and my friend wasn't very impressed as I expected. I really like Kozue though because she seemed like a really nice person and she was really tiny and SUPER CUTE. At that time we were still at the back of the crowd and started inching forward as she danced Luka Luka. Afterwards I think there was some MCing somewhere else by a guy cosplaying vegeta and it was rather boring but afterwards Yuyoyupe came on stage!!! He was being really professional and all, trying to bring up the atmosphere and also dancing occasionally xD He's cute in the lively sense but he was definitely different from his picture. Okay he wasn't handsome but he was good at DJing, I'll give him that (: And then there was some cosplay competition which was boring, followed by a karaoke session with pretty talented people! AND THEN IT WAS FINALLY TIME FOR THE UTAITES AND ODORITES TO COME OUT. The atmosphere was crazy and by then we were at THE FIRST ROW LIKE FUCK YESSSSS WE WERE SO CLOSE TO THE STAGE!! Our ears also went deaf but it didn't matter to us then. Everyone was ecstatic when the MC came up to introduce the next stage and the first to perform was Amatsuki!!1 THE CROWD WENT CRAZY and the prelude of his version of Hoshiai came on and I grabbed and started shaking my friend out of excitement. So he sang Hoshiai as his first song and then another song before he went off stage. Second to come on stage was KASHI!!! The crowd went crazy too and the girl beside me was telling her friend desperately "ITS KASHI ITS KASHI ITS KASHI" and then I'm like I just saw him BUT STILL KASHI OMG YOU'RE SO CLOSE TO ME. So he sang Pierrot and also another song before amatsuki came on stage again and Ryouran interviewed the both of them ^^ Ryouran is adorable omg. So this other MC in suit (?) asked us if we had any food to recommend to them/amatsuki who was here in SIngapore for the first time and we were all shouting out different kinds of food. THEN THE GUY HELD UP HIS MIC TO ME LIKE WOAH I'M GONA CRY THEY'RE LOOKING AT ME THEY'RE KOOKING AT ME AND I WAS PANICKING AND SAID CHILLI CRAB BECAUSE THAT WAS WHAT MY FRIEND SUGGESTED AND THEN KASHI AND AMA WERE LIKE WHAT? AND THEY BOTH LOOKED OMG AND I REPEATED WHAT I SAID AND THEY WERE LIKE OHH fuck I died.... Senpais noticed me T^T My beloved Senpais <3 And then after them I think it was Root five and they came on stage and sang 3 songs! It was amazing seeing 5 people on stage at the same time and their interaction with one another are super cute xD Koman is ADORABLE I couldn't take my eyes off his eyes they were like shining and then there was DAsoku I was surprisingly excited to see Dasoku in real life HAHA i got to experience his famed laziness in real life... then there was pokota who was really popular and Kettaro WHO LOOKED REALLY HOT I'm super digging his new look- blonde hair and ear ring and I felt like he slimmed down? And Mi Chan was wearing a super Kawaii mask and it was unfortunate that he had a throat operation and he couldn't speak/sing at all >< Still, he was really cheerful and tried to "sing" with his actions and really livened up the atmosphere ^^ Really, how can such a tall guy with a deep voice be such a hopelessly cute cat lover? T^T I don't understand. Afterwards was Miume, who danced Romeo and Cinderella and also Girls, both of which I really like ^^ She's really pretty in real life too and the way she danced romeo and cinderella was perfect T^T And next to come on stage was PCF HAHA as usual their dance style... but at least I got a light stick from Bouto and looked at Tadanon in real life <3 Their performance was rather long too and they were really lively!! Last to come on stage was Gero who was rather amusing and sang 2? 3? songs (: A pity I didn't get to touch his hand though T_T And then after his performance HACHIOUJIP CAME ON STAGE AND THE CROWD WAS CRAZYYYYY omg literally though, he was super cool /// the moment he came on he got the mic and asked "Ore ikemen? ikemen?" AND EVERYONE WAS LIKE IKEMENNN SUPER IKEMENNN and then he gave a satisfied grin then carried on setting up <3 then the guys in the middle started chanting IKEMEN. IKEMEN. IKEMEN. then the rest of the crowd (including us of course) started chanting as well HAHAHA and the comments on the screen were like "ikemen call w" So he DJed quite a few songs and I couldn't help but get high along with him and towards the end Ii Aru Fanclub came on and Ryouran and the rest of the MCs and PCF came up on stage ^^ The last song was Tell Your World (of course) and it was really the climax, everyone (at least the people in front) were jumping at the choruses and clapping along. By the time it ended my hands were sore from waving and calfs were tired from jumping (or fake jumping). But there was no time to waste, I had to find Kashi for autograph!!!!) And then I couldn't find where it was and called my friend to ask and he had to bring me there but even then I didn't buy Kashi's album in time and he was already finishing up T^T I wanted him to sign the back of my phone cover actually... T^T All I got from him was a wave as he went off ): I guess at least he noticed me... </3 ANd that was the end of AFA day 1! I actually didn't get any food in my system until then so me and my friend went off to have some dinner~

I think my biggest regret was probably not seeing ARSMAGNA perform T^T And until now I'm still charmed by the hair stylist HAHAHA I want to go back there and dye my hair but it's expensive... Anyway, not gona proofread this post so forgive the mistakes! ><

Kan-san adventures today! I woke up at 8am to get ready for math tuition at 9 today (putting aside the fact that I slept at 4am) but remembered that my teacher was still in China! Sadly, I'm fully awake now from stalking かんせる's twitter and listening to his songs at the same time. First of all, I know this is abrupt since I don't think I've actually mentioned him before. それなのに。。。 完全にタイプです!(●´∀`●)きやー!背が高いし、声もエロいし、しかも(ひわいな)英語がうまいそう。。。Okay enough. Anyway, there were a lot of interesting things I saw on his twitter so I thought I should write them down...

- He tweeted: "うんこなう” awhile back, which meant "Shit nau"
- He really, really seems to like drinking a lot
- He's delighted when his "girlfriend" (a craftholic/craftholic-look alike soft toy) wakes up and waits for him in the morning
- He has abs
- He has a gay cute パンツ given to him by a listener
- He uploaded a vine video where he put his hand underneath his pants to simulate a dick and sang "This big penis is up and it wants to enter you"
- In a game he played, he named a stray dog "窓付き"
- He also received a red パンツ with white polka dots on it as a present for his birthday

That is all about time I got sick of him I can't wait for his housou!

As a side note chomaiyo had a housou yesterday night and I was so glad I caught it! I have never been so engaged in an utaite's housou before I told him it'd be great if he could come to Singapore and he replied: "I'd like to go to Singapore someday." and he really did reply every question since he was doing 雑談. I also got to hear his abnormally cynical laugh once or twice but I didn't get to ask if he was a sadist or a masochist... But I've prepared my question well so I'm ready to ask that the next time he has a housou. (He only did a slot last night)
One of the most beautiful quotes I've ever heard, not that I'm that fond of poems in general. It's been a few months since I last posted, naturally, since I'm taking my A's this year... more importantly, I finally felt the urge to write again after catching The Amazing Spider Man 2 last night.

I was never a fan of Spider Man, not even if it was played by gorgeous Andrew Garfield. With that said, I'm surprisingly glad that I actually caught it (for a bargain of $4.40, even) because I fell in love with Dane Dehaan who portrayed an amazing and down right sexy mother fucking Harry Osborne. Men who are my type are usually very specific in terms of looks and character. Rather than criteria, I'd say I'm more attracted to the "feel" than their physical aspects. It's very easy for me to hate some one at first glance, and the same goes for loving them. Before I lose anymore feels for what I actually want to write about tonight, I'll go straight to the amazing movie that Dane Dehaan starred in together with Daniel Radcliffe.

When I was searching for interviews with Dane Dehaan late last night I came across this montage from a movie called "Kill Your Darlings." I found it to be an odd title the entire time right up until I watched the movie. The video mainly depicted the gay relationship between Lucien Carr (Dane Dehaan) and freshman Allen Ginsberg (Daniel Radcliffe) so, needless to say, I had to watch it.

To say that it was beautiful would be a distasteful understatement. It's a pity the best I could do was to watch it on Youtube with Portugese subtitles on my ancient Compaq Presario CQ40. I would've loved to watch it in the cinemas because it was absolutely worth my time and my feels. It's one of the better movies I've seen in awhile and 10 minutes after it ended, I'm still in awe.

I'd be lying if I said that Dane Dehaan didn't play the biggest role in my liking of the film. I mean, not to be superficial (who am I kidding) but Daniel Radcliffe's look in the movie was just distracting and made Lu look a lot more appealing. I don't want to break the mood here first by fangirling about Dehaan so on to the movie.

I absolutely love Western Movies with the 1900's as their backdrop. Think Hitchcock, The Conspirator. I don't do literature so I can't comment much about the many poems read and mentioned in the film but I loved the occasional recurring theme. It gave the film a more complete feeling although it obviously isn't and it couldn't have ended more perfectly. I found the music entertaining and the scenes put together kept me on edge towards the end. Even though I read the rather brief synopsis of the movie on Wikipedia (why in the blue world did I do that, I wonder) the element of surprise was no less satisfying during the plot twist at the end. At first, I really didn't know what the gang was so excited about until I found out about the Beat Generation. Things started making sense afterwards and I have to say it was nothing like I'd expected the movie to be, not to say that it was bad. It's definitely a refreshing add to my Movie Hall of Fame. I'm also beyond impressed with the portrayal of the characters, David was the classic antagonist I never liked but even I had to sympathize with him at the end. Although I didn't like how certain shots were directed, I really think that the director and the post-production team should be given credits for the depiction of several scenes which would tug at anyone's heart strings.

Dane Dehaan. Need I say more? Yes, he's yet to act in a lot of mainstream movies (some notable mentions are Chronicle as Andrew and, of course, Spider Man) and if anyone deserves the attention, he does. Here comes the fangirling so let's all brace ourselves while I try to keep everything sane and under control. First, I love how he looked here. He's not the tall, muscular handsome kind of guy. Rather, I'd say he's the tall, slim, pale and handsome kind. I love my men both ways (again, it all depends on the initial feeling and the way they carry themselves) but him in those clothes, his long arms showing when his sleeves are folded back, the smart way he sports his trench coat, nobody could've looked better. Second, I love his voice. In fact, I would say he has now overtaken GigaP and every of them other bitches and made his way into the top place in my list of hotties with orgasm-inducing voices. I was attracted to his voice too, in Spider man. I can't exactly put this into words like how I describe GigaP's voice as sultry-sounding, but he has this natural, sexy slur to his sentences. Most of the times he sounds calm, composed and absolutely in control when he speaks but when he gets uptight and desperate he begs in a way that would make me do anything for him. His voice... really, I can't get over it.

Honorable scene mentions

1. Library. Unforgettable, this should be recorded in history. Essentially Ginsberg tries to distract the librarian while Lu and the rest attempt to make an imprint of the key to the room with restricted materials. They're just separated by a row of bookshelves and the librarian has her back facing Lu and the rest, with Ginsberg up against the next bookshelf. She thinks that Ginsberg is a virgin and tests out her theory by blowing him- essentially, if he's done it before he would last 30 seconds. She goes down, Ginsberg starts counting. The rest are done with the imprinting and Lu goes to return the key to where the librarian left it- on the trolley right behind them together with her shirt. Lu puts it down, then notices Ginsberg counting. They lock gaze, then Lu leans back on the bookshelf. He watches Ginsberg with those eyes that we all know, oh yes, bedroom eyes, and Ginsberg comes as he reaches 10.

A moment to pause and catch our breaths. Not breathing hard yet? I am. I mean, I would totally climax to that, I don't know if I even need stimulation. He can stare at me with those eyes for 5 seconds and my body would be in flames. Not sure if his gaze burns or I'm just vulnerable to his heat.

2. Bed. Hold your horses ladies, nothing much happens here, but it should be mentioned all the same. Ginsberg falls asleep on Lu's bed while waiting for him to return from somewhere. Lu's first words to his friend, while undressing, in his award-winning voice, were "What? Are you moving in?" This doesn't sound very impressive but trust me, the way he says it, stones will melt (I don't care if that's not a legit expression). And then afterwards he gets in bed beside Ginsberg who is obviously flustered, and says again, in that darn voice, "If you're going to stay, don't hog the blanket." That's stupid. Why would anyone want the blanket when you're in the same bed?

3. Photo. Towards the end, Ginsberg wants to find out what happened with Lu in Chicago. So all the while we think that David is this creepy stalker guy who will follow Lu to the end of the world so yes, he should be stabbed and tied and sunk to the bottom of the lake. And then Ginsberg finds a suitcase with postcards and a picture- it's Lu and David. Behind it says, "The Perfect Day". Yes, David loves Lu, and Lu had once loved him back. He decides that no, he didn't want this shit, and tries to commit suicide by inhaling toxic gas, after which David saves him. So all along, David was just another regular guy who happens to be stupidly in love with someone he feels he's destined to be with. He doesn't want to give up on the one person he loves, what's wrong with that?

There are a few other honorable scenes, but these three are simply unforgettable. The part of the movie towards the end had all the right elements - the suspense, the climax, the revelation, the feels. You're so busy feeling everything that you end up feeling so disorientated and sucked into the plot by the time credits are already over and done with. What started out as curiosity for a gay movie starring Dane Dehaan turned out into something much more for me. Regardless of how applicable this would be to my boring life as a Singaporean student, I feel strangely inspired. I guess this is what people mean when art really has no purpose- I didn't particularly learn anything from this (I'm already a hedonist), but just the beauty of it makes its existence worth everything.
My, my, I almost forgot to write! So I'll be writing about Sunday, Monday and Today (so far)!

Let's see, when I got back to Singapore Inakamono was having a nama! I didn't join his community but since I decided to slack I joined it anyway. He's voice is really nice ESPECIALLY WHEN HE SANG YUUDACHI NO RIBBON my ears felt so good. He only sang a part of the song on the way to the toilet (wtf) I wished he actually sang more... He was really cute too, how he went to the toilet again after like 5 minutes since the previous trip.

Momotaro had a couple of namas afterwards, they're all game namas and I usually get kicked out after awhile so I don't usually follow him.

Then Osamu had another nama! If I remember correctly he had a nama on saturday too haha I didn't listen to much of his though.

And then Arata started a nama! He's officially my favorite gin-san Idk why I just really enjoy watching his namas. I can't remember what he did/sang since it was a couple of days ago but he was going on about how he didn't really want to work. I know how you feel Aratan. He sounded really tired.

Kenty started a nama, THEN AKATIN. AHAHA YES BBY FINALLY his voice is really young and energetic but he was being mean to his fans in this hilarious way. Sometimes students comment that they're doing homework while listening or that they have tests the next day and the nama holders would wish them all the best. Akatin was like "frustrated" with this and asked if they'd expected him to say "がんばれ" in a cutesy voice I laughed so hard. A fan replied "たしかにww”.

Yesterday (Monday) I officially started work but my laptop was running the entire time so I would know whenever someone has a nama. Kenty started the first nama yesterday evening with an important announcement. Turns out he uploaded a cover of 虎視眈々! I was pretty excited I mean it's sexy 関西弁we're talking about here. He played it throughout a few namas, I laughed so hard he couldn't pull it off I mean he's not really an utaite and all so it's understandable but shoose and gigaP beats it hands down. xD

And then Momotaro, and then Akatin had another nama! I think it was a karaoke nama with a friend he screams, but he's really good at it. His friend sang setsuna trip, he couldn't remember some parts, Akatin asked: "May I?" and butted in really elegantly, like it was powerful and just music to the ears.

AND THEN MARASY STARTED A NAMA OMFG I LOVE HIM. I LOVE THE GUY I missed his previous nama because I got kicked out and gave up trying to join but this time round he declared that he wasn't going to play the piano... on the screen there was a super funny looking Luka that he drew himself I died. His voice is kinda ossan-y BUT HIS VOICE IS REALLY CUTE he reminds me of this uncle I have that laughs really often and it's just so adorable. I was doing some chemistry revision and whenever he laughed I laughed so bad with him. He mentioned how much effort he put into drawing the flowers in the background but it still looked funny to me it's so adorable. He actually did the entire thing with paint I mean how amazing is that TT

Then in Kohei's nama he was producing a piece, it sounded pretty good to me but I didn't stay long.

AND THEN NATSUSHIRO TAKAAKI HAD A NAMA WHOOO ahh he has this really やさしい voice which I conclude I really like (Marasy and ke-san has it too!) and he sang a few songs! His nama was crazy popular I mean there wasn't a huge number of people but the comments just kept coming and he actually managed to reply all of them. A pity he couldn't lengthen his nama because of his sister, he mentioned something about it but I didn't quite catch it but he feels like a really caring お兄ちゃん.

Today has been rather uneventful.

Pokota had a few namas to announce his tour or something. He just started a nama with his band I believe they're in Taiwan now. I didn't really catch everything.

And then Yuuto had a nama again! Ah his voice is really nice but he can't really go high, like his voice is pretty high for male utaites in general but he can't shoot up like Mafu or Glutamine.

Michan had a nama. It's actually my first nama but it felt a bit boring so I didn't follow through haha I could hear his cat in the background though! Until now I still can't quite link his voice with his face with his personality I mean he's adorable as shit.

Ke-San had a nama again and I swear he has the most perfect room ever it's modern and comfy and japanese-like at the same time I'm so touched. I love his voice too! He's really kind too, how he replies all the comments.

Hmmm then Kenty had namas, and now I'm listening to Natsushiro-san's nama! HE'S SO GOOD OMG TONIGHT CAN'T GET ANY BETTER IT'S MIKITO-P NIGHT he announced he was going to do a cover of Sayoko, then he sang it with guitar once, now he's doing SARISHINOHARA MY 耳 I'm hungry gona grab something to eat...
It's post number 40! What a surprise, I never thought I'd make it this far. Today, I'm back with "生放送” Adventures part III! Yesterday night was a hell of an eventful one so I'm going to have to refer to My Page to recall what'd happened.

First nama held was yesterday morning by Ke-Sanβ, an illustrator. In his nama he was tracing over something he drew. It's kind of my first time watching something like this since I usually don't have the patience and time but I never knew how much work went into a piece of art. He redid every stroke until he was satisfied with each of them and just tracing over one eye took quite some time.

I got bored so I went to watch tv outside where I can't see my laptop. When I came back to check in the afternoon I realized Kenty had a nama.

So I think the nama wave started with momotaro. He's another gintoki guy but I think I like arata better! He's kind of funny and his namas don't get boring. Anyway momotaro did a game nama and played mariokart it's kind of adorable actually and I never knew you could cut across lawns. Maybe that's why I suck.

Then Teine (てぃ☆イン) had a nama, I only caught the last few minutes but apparently they came up with a welcome speech for people who started entering then. It was interesting to say the least.

Then kenty started a nama again! I just came back from shopping with my relatives so I got in about 5 minutes into the nama. For some reason there wasn't a lot of people so it was a rather quiet one. Then he decided to do something "special" for the few of us- singing Koshitantan; the first part. UNF. Not nearly as sexy as Shoose (he's not really an utaite) but still, I appreciate it!

Then HASHIYAN started a nama! I started getting excited I think he was talking about his album Monochrome and showing sneak peeks of the jacket! My friend asked if he "liked" Kashi and he said they were close, according to my friend's translation. Essentially he answered questions in the comments but it started to get a little dry.

Ry☆ HAD A NAMA I almost spazzed he's one of the odorites I follow. His voice is really cute and man the number of people there thank goodness I wasn't kicked out. The traffic was just really heavy and all my namas were lagging. He sang a couple of songs which were rather entertaining to watch! His personality is also just really adorable I had fun watching his nama. I must also add that he saw one of my comments and replied amidst everything ah I felt happy.

And then Kenty had a nama again, this time I was one of the first few to get in so he said my name thrice! About time I get over this obsession actually.

Then OSAMU HAD A NAMA I was happy too but the shit traffic made his nama lag like crazy so I had to stop TT It was good though because it was a video nama showing his guitar and long nails seriously. While he's talking in that deep, gentle voice, we have Kenty in another nama giggling and flirting with them girls the contrast.

Then Hashiyan started another nama! This time with UN:C ah my love I swear he's a funny guy but I was watching Ry's and Kenty's nama so I didn't really catch much of their's. When I did though they were asking what people prefer to use during sex: 1. Adult Toys 2. Fingers 3. Other tools HAHA they even had a poll that's how I caught on I mean WHAT ARE YOU DOING GUYS.

Then Soraru started a nama, I was the first few to join but his voice really put me to sleep ugh I mean yeah it was late. A few moments later I got kicked out because my seat was given to a premium member.

AND THEN. GIGAP STARTED A NAMA. I literally squealed like FINALLY I THOUGHT HE WAS THE LEAST LIKELY TO START A NAMA I WAS SO TOUCHED when I got in all I heard was a girl talking so I thought I got something wrong. Then I realized it was Reol. Then GigaP spoke. HOLY TOMATOES I THOUGHT I SAW AN ANGEL (or devil) HIS VOICE IS BEYOND SEXY. LIKE IT'S IN A LEVEL OF IT'S OWN. LIKE deep -> sexy -> christian bale -> kansaiben -> gintoki -> shoose -> godlike -> banana -> giga fucking P I CAN'T EVEN BEGIN TO DESCRIBE I was so agitated I recorded a little of the nama and sent it to my friend to illustrate my point. He sounded tired buT EXACTLY LIKE IN HIS SONGS I didn't think it'd be possible to actually have a voice like this I thought he added effects but nooooo I was never this wrong. It's just a pity that Reol did most of the talking and I actually felt bored. Actually perhaps if gigaP did the talking I might have fallen asleep too haha at his deep calming voice. Not sure if calming or erotic. Someone accidentally mistyped Reol as Soraru, then suddenly there was an "Otose" HAHA WTF

Then I went to sleep afterwards because I was really tired! In fact, I'm still really tired now I don't even know why I wake up so early. I refreshed My Page today and realized Kenty did a string of namahousous after I went to sleep. WHY. But truthfully even if I'd stayed up I wouldn't be able to talk to him much either what with all the traffic and language barrier.

Today could possibly mark the last of my "生放送 Adventures"! Sobs I'm going back to Singapore today after spending a few days at my aunt's. I literally brought no homework back so 24/7 I just sat in front of my computer and waited for namas haha well at least I can say it was a fruitful one and I rather enjoyed it. When I get back to Singapore I'm going to have to start planning the rest of my holidays to complete my homework and revise for exams. I suppose I can still keep my laptop on so I still get alerts and I'll have to try finishing my work in the morning and afternoon so I can catch some namas at night. Yep, that's the plan!
I'm back! Last night was rather uneventful... I stayed up until 1 to wait for namas, not a single utaite had a nama I'm upset.

The first nama of yesterday was, surprisingly, in the afternoon. Kony had a nama (yay!) he was rather cute I think he did karaoke with an old friend or something. Afterwards neko had a radio live in the evening he really did remind me of an ossan HAHA but whatever ossans are lovable! Then Kohei had one ion his iPhone he's always going shopping. And then finally Kenty!

He's the dude with the sexy voice, lovely kansaiben and an absolutely drool worthy collar bone. He likes to show the picture of his naked collarbone no complaints from me though. So I continued to try to get him to say my name but that didn't happen during the first half hour. Then during the second one I checked my settings and realized I was commenting in "secret mode" all along! When I unchecked it and typed "かんばんわ@マヤ” he sayed "Maya Irashiai". I screamed so bad afterwards I was so excited I trembled when I texted my friend about it AH SO MUCH FEELS.

In that night he hosted like, what, 6 or 7 namas? So he said my names 6 times because like the loyal fan I was I followed him through. He said it twice in one of the namas haha. I admit I'm too obsessed over him frankly speaking he doesn't really have any talent or what (maybe I just don't know him well enough) he just has a really sexy voice come on who wouldn't tap that.

Shounen T had a nama afterwards! His voice is really cute actually it makes my heart melt but kenty was irresistable plus T-kun's nama had too many people so I didn't stay. I pretty much listened to Kenty for the rest of the night until he went to sleep and Aratan did a nama. I swear he has the perfect Gintoki voice and I really did enjoy his namas because he sang and did amazing voiceovers. When he asked for requests I thought I wanted to listen to him singing Lost One no Goukaku so I typed it in. He actually saw it and commented on it TT So touched in the end he did some other songs he had in mind one of them being an SM song. I got really tired of waiting and my butt hurt so I let my cousin use the laptop for awhile. When she was done and I got back to Arata HE WAS DOING LASTONENOGOUKAKU I screamed and あああああああああああああああ-ed my way through. Too bad when he ended the song I was gona spam 8888888 but THE NAMA FREAKING ENDED so he started a new one and all the feels were gone. I'll never know if he mentioned my name either. He probably didn't. Then I went to sleep.

Just something worth mentioning though, while being bored in the afternoon yesterday I went on omegle for the first time, hoping I would find someone of similar interests being "utaite". Of course that didn't happen (why did I even think it would) so I got directed to a random stranger. I was nervous but I talked. We got along pretty well. I haven't talked to a completely random stranger in a long time (ever since crunchyroll back in my primary school days) so I guess I kinda lost my touch. The stimulation though is still pretty good.
Good morning world! It's actually already 10.36am here I suppose it's considered late morning. Anyway, I've decided to start this mini series of posts called 生放送 Adventures because really, I'm nothing but namas these days. Partly because I've always wanted to interact with these people I admire and I'm relatively new so I want to explore more. The fact that I'm a fangirl and obsessive stalker also plays a part I can't stand the thought of not knowing about my idols.

So last night the first nama was by Sakatan, and then Neko! Neko had like 3 namas that night he must've been really free. Then again I'm really free too to be stalking all these communities. And then this guy called Kenty had a nama. I don't follow him but his nama title said something along the lines of sexy/erotic or something I mean how can I resist. Oh and he had kansaiben. So I got in and THAT MOFO HAS THE SEXIEST VOICE EVER. PLUS KANSAIBEN PLEASE. He beats Shoose anytime and whenever sometimes enters he says ___ Irashiai in a deliberately erotic manner I can't even begin to describe. I think he did that to many people BUT ME. It either only applies to premium users or he skipped mine because my username is in english. The only person who ever mentioned my name was Osamu. TT やさしい男 <3 As a side note Neko's voice was very ossan-ish haha but I had fun listening to his nama since the random outbursts and comments were pretty funny.

Yuuto had a nama too, his voice was gentle and ikemen-ish as expected. Some premium member commented that it'll be exciting if he danced, he replied he could sing and she can dance, the girl was like: "na-ndatou!" haha that's adorable. But there wasn't much about his nama except he looped interviewer and glow the entire time! Marasy had a nama too but I joined it too late (I wasn't in his community, of course I changed that) so I could only get in for a short period of time. But he was a professional, the way he plays the piano is very powerful, if anything. He had that cute weird pink monkey as usual.

And then just when I got bored my cousin offed my wifi so I went to sleep. This morning I refreshed my page and my kokoro broke.

りぶ has started a broadcast at りぶこみゅ!.
りぶ has reserved a live broadcast at the りぶこみゅ! on 13年11月29日 00:27.

Anima, Natsuhiro Takaaki, Rib and Soraru had namas. YOU GUYS WHAT THE FUCK (I'm sorry TT) FMLFMLFML If I'm correct Rib seldom has namas and I've been really looking forward to Anima's and Natsuhiro-san's namas UHUHUHU T______T I can't even begin to describe my sadness it's like almost half of the sadness of not being able to meet Kashi and that sadness was really sad does this even make sense. TT I'm really sad now. My poor brokoro.

Anyways, it seems like I'm back to nama-less morning! No one ever holds a nama in the morning it's irritating I have to wait until night I swear I'm staying up tonight I mean it's friday right more utaites would hold namas right?

My sentences have really gone out of structure and I don't even bother using punctuation anymore xD

Anyway these are the namas I'm really looking forward to:

1. Kashi (enough said)
2. Kenty (I need more of his sexy voice seriously)
3. Shoose (I'm really curious about his namas)
4. LOLI.COM (My dirty lyricist haha)
5. Gurutan (I really look forward to this one my bby)
6. Rib
7. Hashiyan (I hope he shows his face...)
8. Kradness (Just curious about this kiddo)
9. Kanseru (I always mix him up with Kradness but Kanseru is older and dirtier HAHA but he privates his community TT)
10. Osamu (Cos he's so kind)
11. GigaP (Need I say more yes I joined his community too I need it)

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